Amazingly Rich Creamy Frozen Raspberry and Chocolate Icepop treat.

Cacao nibs add a sweet crunchy counterpart to these tangy bright-pink raspberry pops.    This melt in your mouth recipe is made with plain soya yoghurt to give a smooth creamy texture.  Be sure to use organic raspberries as they are richer in antioxidants than non-organic raspberry’s.

Some more cool facts about the ingredients in this ice pop below:-


  • Rich in antioxidants ( A substance that reduces damage caused by free radicals)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-cancer benefits
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Raspberry Ketone –  improving our fat cell metabolism
  • Rich in Vitamins, listed here in order of highest %: vitC, manganese, fiber, copper, vitk, pantothenic acid, biotin, vitE, magnesium, folate, omega 3 fats, potassium


How cool is this?!!!  Cacao is how chocolate starts out as the beans.  Cacao nibs are basically the cacao bean itself as they have been roasted, separated from their husks and broken into smaller pieces.

  • antio-oxidants
  • flavinoids
  • fights cardiovascular disease
  • one of the best sources of magnesium – which is used in hundreds of the body’s functions including:-
    • muscle and nerve function
    • blood glucose control
    • blood pressure regulation
    • protein synthesis
  • Improves Mood – Cacao stimulates the brain into releasing neurotransmitters that can trigger feel good hormones. One of those unique neurotransmitters released by cacao is phenylethylamine. This “love drug” releases endorphins giving us alertness, contentment and a better sense of well-being.


Store in the freezer for up to 3 weeks

Dip Moulds in hot water briefly before taking each icepop out of its container

(N.B the Nutrition section is for each individual serving)