Organic Raw Vegan Bounty Bars / Coconut balls

An amazingly healthy & delicious, chocolatey, coco-nutty dessert or snack!  Ready in around 30mins – really quite fast and super duper tasty!

FYI to be considered “Raw Vegan Chocolate”…

You have to think about the purity of the ingredients – so go for cacao instead of cocoa.  Also..

What is the temperature that chocolate is still considered raw vegan?

Make sure the chocolate / cocoa butter / coconut oil has not been heated above 40–49 °C (104–120 °F).

The Melting point of coconut oil is fairly low at 24 °C (76 °F) therefore if you keep an eye on it melting then will be able to catch it and mix with a fork whenever it is just melting… (do not overheat otherwise it is not considered raw, a lot of nutrients are lost and its make up completely changes)

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