You Will Need:

Nutribullet / Blender

Seive/ Strainer

BPA Free Icepop/ Lolly Moulds

Super easy to make: ready to put in the freezer inside 5 minutes.

This is one of our Tasty Tangy Watermelon recipes with zero cane sugar, the only sugar in this lolly is naturally occurring from fruit.

The kids love the swirly lolly pop moulds and the amazing colour of the watermelon.

So pretty, nutritious and delicious.  Guaranteed to bring a smile to any adult or child this summer.

Ideally make them the day before you want to have them and allow them to freeze overnight.  If you have just 12 hours, you will get away with it.

(N.B  Nutrients are per ice lolly/ icepop)